9 Best Royalty Free Music SItes For Your Project

By Bear

After researching the whole internet for a few days and using some of those sites in my projects, I made this list for you.

Most sites for royalty-free music or sound require you to attribute the site’s creator.

In this list, I mentioned some sites with music licenses that let you use the music without it.

(with some sites, you still need to attribute).

What happens if the author decides to revoke the CC license to material I am using?

Here are the sites:

Always do your research about the license before using any music or sound in your project.

#1 – https://freepd.com/

Freepd.com is a site that lets you use tracks you want while attribution is not required (The site is Creative Common 0). Read more at their Faq section. With 12 categories, there is an extensive selection of free music.

#2 – http://www.openmusicarchive.org/

[screenshot of site]

With this site, sometimes you would need to give appropriate credit, but most of it is public domain. 90% of the music on the site is old and could add a vintage aspect to your project. 

#3 – https://musopen.org/

 musopen.org focuses on classical music, But not all the music is public domain.

Liborio Conti made this site with music packs that are free to use. The music is more modern for more current projects.

Read more about the restriction on his homepage.

#5 – https://soundbible.com/search.php?q=Public+Domain

Soundbible focuses on sound effects, and there are public domain sounds on it, all the site is free, but has different copyrights. Read more on his about page

#6  https://pixabay.com/music

You could know pixbay for their free photos, but they also offer free music you can use without attribute.

Read more about their licence.

#7 NoCopyrightSounds

Very famous brand and youtube channel a long time with great music. The downside is you can use it only by the term they restricted.\

#8 https://soundcloud.com/royaltyfreemusic-nocopyrightmusic

Great soundcloud audio library with great songs.

to use each song you need to read his description for compliance with the terms of use.

#9 YouTube Audio Library

Got a lot of music and sound effects in it, but you can only use it for youtube. 

Extra way

You can always ask for permission to use music of independent artists on SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

What next?

The sites above are great resource for royalty free music.

To read more about free music samples click here.


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