Best 11 Websites for Free Music Samples Currently

By Bear

I searched on forums, social media, and more to research which sites for free music samples are the best.

After trying them all, I made this list for you.

In those sites you can find thousands of free free music samples.

The sites are easy to use and some of them have nice features. 

Here is the list:

#1 Sampleswap
#2 Bandlab Sounds
#3 Looperman
#4 Freesound
#5 Legowelt
#6 Soundcamp
#7 Bedroomproducersblog
#8 Soundpacks
#9 Hiphopmakers
#10 cymatics
#11 Reddit

Before using the sounds, always check about the license of each sound.

#1 Sampleswap

This site offers a massive 9.4GB collection of free samples at 44.1 kHz and 16-bit formats.

Every sample is categorized, and you can review and listen to it before downloading.

Over 19,000 free sounds, including 2,803 techno, hip hop, rap, trance, and drum and bass drum beats and loops, 2,326 drum hits, 140 drum kits, 2,383 sound effects, 971 instrument sounds, 1,310 vocal samples and acapella, 1,368 melodic and electronic loops and more…

#2 Bandlab Sounds

A service created by music-making platform BandLab with over 10,000 sounds

You can download sound individually or as a pack.

You can sort the samples by mood, genre, Instrument, BPM, and key.

Plus, you can edit the samples with their sampler editor to change the BPM, key, length, and more.

#3 Looperman

Loopernman is a community site for samples and loops with more than 18,000 sounds, loops, and Wavs. New pieces are uploaded every day by users.

It’s effortless to navigate the site, and you can sort the samples by genre, BPM, key, and more.

If you want to find popular samples, there is also an option to sort the pieces by most downloads or comments.

#4 Freesound

Same as Looperman, the samples are recorded and uploaded by the users.

This site is less intuitive than Looperman, but who cares its free.

To find your ideal sample, you can use the search bar, tags, and filters.

Before you download it, you can preview it with the tiny waveform.

Some sounds have cool features like remixes and even geotagging to see where the sound has been recorded.

You can find those features below the comments and download count.

#5 Legowelt

Legowelt is a pretty famous producer with more than 20 years of career.

On his website, he uploads samples that are for free download.

He recorded them from his collection of synths and drum machines.

There are one-shot drum samples,

a German synthesizer from 1998 with Lots of pads,

atmosphere sounds and drum sounds,

a Japanese digital synth from 1989, and more.

The samples come in a ZIP file and all in 16bit WAV format.

#6 Soundcamp

This site offers thousands of Free high-quality loops, samples, and recordings.

All sorted by drums, percussion, instruments, tracks, sound effects, and soundscapes.

You can search sounds by Chromatic scales, genre or BPM, and download them directly from the site in MP3, WAV, or OGG files.

Every sound also comes with details below like Duration, size, Samplerate, Bitrate, BitDepth, and more.

#7 Bedroomproducersblog

BPB is a Great site with Free Sound Libraries:

Free Kontakt Libraries, Free Drum Kits, Free Sound Effects, Free Piano Samples, Free Guitar Samples, BPB Samples.

The site is built from articles and hosts many free music packs.

You can explore their site by the extensive library they offer.

or by the FREE SOUNDWARE news section that reviews samples that cost money on sale for free.

#8 Soundpacks

As the name of the site suggests, as what it offers.

Straightforward site with 20 pages of free sample packs, drum kits, and loop packs.

New sounds are added daily.

There is a sound preview on every sound pack using SoundCloud or youtube, details on the product from the format, how many sounds the pack has, and more.

Another nice feature the site offers that I like there is a trending sounds column on the right.

#9 Hiphopmakers

Fifteen thousand free music samples and drum samples you can search by sound.

Trap Drum Kits, Trap Loops, Vocal Loops, Piano Samples,808 Drums, EDM, and more.

#10 cymatics

Cymatics is a well-known internet sample collection.

Their free sample packs offer high-quality samples.

You need to complete their form to receive the license agreement to use any of the free packs.

#11 Reddit

Reddit is a forum site with a vast amount of subcategories in almost any niche and discussion.

In Reddit, anyone can post, so before you download, you might want to check the details about the license.

there is a massive community of people that share free samples, for example, with over 260k members

You can also sort the posts by popularity by clicking the top icon at the head of the page.

What next?

The sites above are great to get free music samples. 

To read more about royalty free music sites.


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