How Do I Learn to Play Guitar: A Quick Guide

By Bear

How Do I Learn to Play Guitar: A Quick Guide

Guitar is one of the coolest instruments to learn and have fun with. But mastering it to a certain degree requires dedication and perseverance. This article addresses the absolutely necessary steps to master this instrument. So, brace yourself because there is going to be an exhilarating bumpy journey ahead.

What to learn and practice


You must first learn the proper way to handle the instrument. If you don’t correct your posture, you’ll develop bad habits that will impede your growth and maybe even pose serious health risks. 


Next, you will familiarize yourself with the names of a guitar’s parts. Even though there are several guitar types, they all share most of the same details. Make sure to learn the name of the notes and their positions on the fretboard, this will come in handy soon. 

Left-hand exercises

Choose exercises that focus on left-hand flexibility and dexterity. Don’t rush with your left-hand exercises; make sure to make the notes clear and distinct. 

Right-hand exercises 

Right-hand exercises might vary depending on your intended playing style. But as a beginner learn to play with picks. This will help you to notice any left-hand inaccuracies. 

Hand coordination 

Almost all the exercises will require you to have a certain level of coordination between your two hands. But having one or two exercises in your routine that focus on left and right-hand coordination is recommended.


Learn the basic open chords first. There are eight basic chords that are comparatively easy to learn. They are-

  • E major
  • E minor
  • A major
  • A minor
  • C major
  • D major
  • D minor
  • G major. 

These will be challenging at first, but you will get used to it. Try to learn these chords in this same order. It will be easier for you.

Chord Progression

If you can play effortlessly any open chord, this step might not be a challenge. Still, you have to work hard. This is the step where you can start learning chord progressions of your favorite songs


Learn the major scale and the pentatonic scale first. This will transform your playing and teach you how those chords work. Try to incorporate scales in your chordal playing.  

How To Practice


When you learn how to play guitar, you must have a practice routine that you can carry out with ease. Keep enough resting periods between each practice session and try to practice every day even if you have only a few minutes to spare. 


This is the most neglected aspect of a practice session among beginner and even intermediate guitarists. Warm-ups will help you practice more efficiently and bring out the best result out of your practice sessions. 

Metronome and Rhythm

This is crucial. Improve your inner rhythm by practicing everything you play with a metronome. Set the metronome at a comfortable tempo and play along following the ticks of each beat. Don’t rush and don’t lag. Strictly follow the metronome 

Final Words

There will be times when you will reach a plateau. You will find it harder to progress than it was before. Try taking guitar lessons, and you must trust the process and keep pushing your limits regardless of hardships that come along, and you will be rewarded with impeccable skills to mesmerize your peers.


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