Each Musical Key Characteristics and Emotions (ALL Keys – With Piano Visuals)

By Bear

This article is about musical key characteristics and emotions

It can help you choose a key that is associated with specific feelings before you create music.

This key-emotion theory was standard before the 20th century. 

It was part of the music culture.

Both the creator and the audience knew the emotion’s intentions when the creator used a specific key.

John Mattheson had written about this theory in Germany in 1713. 

Later on, Rita Steblin translated his work in her book “A History of Key Characteristics in the 18th and Early 19th Centuries.”  

There is no black and white here, before choosing a key try some keys and make your decision.

Keep reading to find the key you need 🙂

#1- C Major

Innocence, pure, simple, happiness, naivety, unadorned, natural, religious.

#2- C Minor

Innocence, sadness, evokes yearning, lost love, love-sick soul.

#3- C# Minor

Grief, Despair, deep, passionate , sorrow, self-punishment.

#4- D♭ Major

grief and despair, leering , unusual feelings, joker style.

 #5- D Major

Victory, joyful, victory-rejoicing, militant, grandeur, holiday songs.

#6- D Minor

Melancholy, concerned ,Serious, feminine, and watching things through bad light.

#7- D# Minor

Deep, anxious, distress, hesitation, darkness,shuddering, ghosts.

#8- E♭ Major

Love, devotion, honesty, intimacy, cruelty.

#9- E Major

Noisy, joy, delightfulness, ready to fight.

#10- E Minor

Love in feminet way, naive, restless, grief

#11- F Major

Deep anger masked in controlled calmness, complaisance.

#12- F Minor

deep depression, death, misery, Harrowing, funereal.

#13- F# Major

Relief, triumph, clarity, after overcoming an obstacle.

#14- F# Minor

Gloomy, resentment, discontent, lamentation.

#15 – G Major

Rustic, Poetic, gentle and peaceful 

#16- G Minor

Uneasiness,concern, struggle, Worry .

#17- A♭ Major

Death, judgment, eternity.

#18- A♭ Minor

difficult struggle, suffocation,Grumbling. 

#19- A Major

Satisfaction, joy, trust, innocent love.

#20- A Minor

Tender, womanliness.

#21- B♭ Major

clear conscience, Optimistic, hope, peace.

#22- B♭ Minor

Suicide, Night, Mocking,death, creature. Frankenstein

#23- B Major

Strong, colorful, wild, passion, jealousy, anger.

#24- B Minor

Patience, calm, loneliness, destiny, acceptance.

What next?

As written above the song’s emotions come mainly from the key you choose. 

To read more about music production basics.


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