Best 9 Free Drum Sequencer

By Bear

I used forums, social media, and more to research which free drum machines are the best.

After trying them all, I made this list for you.

Some of the mentions in the list are online or software/plugins.

They do their job, are easy to use, and fun to experiment with.

I wrote the main features for you to decide which one is the best for your needs in each mention.

Since they’re free, you can also try and move to the next one if you want.

Here are the drum machines:

#1 – Onemotion
#2 – Drumbit
#3 – Ordrumbox
#4 – Audiotool
#5 – MT Power Drumkit 2
#6 – The infinite drum machine
#7 – E-909 Elements Euclidean Rhythm Composer
#8 – Html5drummachine
#9 – Musicca drum mechine

#1 – Onemotion

Web app With basic features and 20 kits to choose from.

you can load a project, save it, share a link, or even export it into a MIDI or WAV file.

If you need inspiration, there are many samples in the explore section you can access after signing up.

One more cool thing is watching a visual drummer playing your beat by clicking the drum sticks.

#2 – Drumbit

Like onemotion, drumbit is a basic drum machine web app that looks professional but easy to use.

With 21 kits, you can make, filter, save, and load your drum patterns and record them as high-quality audio files(WAV).

You can also run demos that already built-in to get started and get some inspiration.

#3 – Ordrumbox

This one isn’t a web app, and you need to download it.

it has more than 1M downloads on sourcefore.

Still, it may worth the extra effort:

with features as




automatic sounds/

track matching,

custom softsynths,

low-fi rendering, and more.

#4 – Audiotool

Although this tool is an online music production studio.

you can use it for free and choose from 3 drums machine built-in and from many sounds and kits.

It has everything you need in a drum machine and looks very professional and clean.

#5 – MT Power Drumkit 2

MT power drumkit 2 is a plugin.

connects to the most hosts you can think of (Cubase, Reaper, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic, GarageBand, Cakewalk, and more). My favorite is the reaper because of its low price.

MT Power Drumkit 2 offers powerful, high-quality sounds of an acoustic, realistic drum kit.

The kit sounds were pre-processed using compressors and EQs to make them suitable for any mix.

#6 – The infinite drum machine

This unique drum machine is an experiment that uses machine learning.

the experiment’s purpose is to organize thousands of everyday sounds.

The developers uploaded thousands of sounds without tagging them, and let the computer catalog them in the sense of music.

The final result looks impressive, and you can use the sounds in a fun way with the drum machine bar on the site.

#7 – E-909 Elements Euclidean Rhythm Composer

This drum machine web app is more straightforward than the others, and you cant export any sound or file from it. But the style is particular, and you can experiment different interface than the usual one.

#8 – Html5drummachine

Straightforward web app that simulation of the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine.

With 5 main kits and the option to export the pattern on a WAV file.

#9 – Musicca drum machine

The most straightforward interface drum machine on the list.

you don’t have many features and options (like exporting audio or anything).

it could be good for you if you beginner who wants to experiment.

You can share your beat or saving it by copying the URL address.

What next?

This list gave you the best free drum sequencer.

To read more about the best music making apps.


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