10 best female rock guitarist

By Bear

best female rock guitarist

While I made the list of the best guitarists, it was time to show what women’s power is. After in-depth research, I came up with the following list of the best female rock guitarists:

Most of the best guitarists’ lists are subjective and picked by personal taste. I tried my best to be objective.

Here are the guitarists:

Jennifer Batten

Jennifer Batten picked up her first guitar at the young age of 8, and just over two decades later, she climbed to the top of the pop industry as Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist. She has also worked with Jeff Beck and released three solo albums. Batten won over many 90s guitar enthusiasts with her books, CDs, and magazine columns on two-handed tapping. 

Sarah Longfield

Sarah Longfield entered the music scene by starting a YouTube channel in 2007, and today the 28-year-old has over 250,000 subscribers. An icon in the metal genre, Longfield’s signature instrument is an 8-string Stradberg guitar. She formed a band, The Fine Constant, in 2012 and has toured with artists like Marty Friedman and Angel Vivaldi. 

Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana began their career on Bandcamp in 2013 and gained global recognition with the 2016 breakout hit “Jungle.” Sultana is an Australian cultural phenomenon with consistent ARIA, ARPA, and Rolling Stone Australia award nominations since 2017. Sultana is known for their multi-instrumental performances and their signature Fender Stratocaster. 

Nili Brosh

Nili Brosh was born in Israel and began learning guitar while in elementary school. After moving to America, she studied music at Berklee College. Brosh has an impressive list of collaborations, working with the likes of Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Jennifer Batten, and Danny Elfman. She has also released three solo studio albums.

Joan Jett

Joan Jett started her music career as a teenager by forming “The Runaways.” But she rose to fame with her 1982 hit cover of “I Love Rock and Roll,” recorded with her second band, The Blackhearts. Jett was inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2015 for her work. Joan’s signature guitar is a white Gibson Melody Maker.

Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson was an icon for female rock guitarists and a member of Heart, the first hard rock band led by women. Wilson is known for her solo on Heart’s 1975 hit, “Crazy on You.” She was inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2013 alongside the other members of Heart.

Lita Ford

Lita Ford began playing the guitar at age 11, and by the age of 16, she was recruited as the lead guitarist of The Runaways. After the band’s breakup, Ford embarked on a successful solo career and released six studio albums between 1982 and 1995. Her signature guitar during this period was a BC Rich Warlock.

Carmen Vandenburg

Carmen Vandenburg is the lead guitarist of the rock band BONES UK. She trained at the London Academy of Contemporary Music. Vandenburg’s skills earned her opportunities to perform alongside acts such as Jeff Beck and The Smashing Pumpkins. She received a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance in 2019 for the single “Pretty Waste.”

Nita Strauss

Nita Strauss established herself in the music industry at the age of 17, when she began touring with her band Lia-Fail. She has worked as a touring guitarist for acts like Alice Cooper and Demi Lovato. In 2018, she released a self-produced album, “Controlled Chaos.” In the same year, she created her own signature guitar line with Ibanez Guitars.


Orianthi is an Australian guitarist who rose to global fame with her debut single, “According To You.” She has been scouted by many great artists, such as Carrie Underwood and Alice Cooper. Michael Jackson personally invited Orianthi as a guitarist for his “This Is It” concerts, which were cancelled due to his death. With five studio albums, Orianthi is also a prolific solo artist. 


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