The best fuzz pedals

By Bear

Best Fuzz Pedal

Guide For Buying A Fuzz Pedal

When coming to buy the best fuzz pedal, you may consider this:

What is a fuzz pedal?

The fuzz pedal is a type of pedal effect that makes the sound more “fuzzy.”

For example, here is the clean version.

And here is the fuzzed version.

In general, it alters the waveform into a kind of square wave

It overrides the input signal, which implies that the signal’s loudness is raised over its typical range to produce distortion. As a result, the signal’s waveform is compressed and warped. The waveform “clips” or has its peaks “chopped off” and flattened, resulting in an abrasive, gritty sound.

Several waveforms can be generated depending on the fuzz pedal’s exact construction and configuration. Some fuzz pedals employ transistor clipping to produce a more rounded, “sine-like” waveform, while others use diode clipping to create a square waveform. You can also modify the waveform’s shape and the degree of clipping using some pedals.

The fuzz pedal is commonly used in genres like rock, blues, heavy metal, and experimental music. However, you shouldn’t allow stereotypes to dictate your musical style. So, for instance, a music producer may use this effect in any genre and try out different sounds.

The different sounds of a fuzz pedal

There are many different types of fuzz pedals available that produce different tones. Some of the more popular ones are the silicon fuzz which gives a sharper and more aggressive tone and is made with silicon transistors. In contrast, the germanium fuzz is known for its warmer sound and is made with germanium transistors.

Another thing that can change the sound of the fuzz pedal is the controls. The gain lets you control the amount of “fuzz” you want to add. 

The volume clearly explains itself (enables you to control the overall output level). The gate is like a compressor, but upside down, it helps you reduce the noise of the silent parts when you don’t play. And the tone is like an equalizer that let you boost some frequency or reduce them. (There are more controls, but those are some general and good-to-know ones).

Electro-Harmonix OP-Amp Big Muff Pi Fuzz Pedal 

This fuzz pedal provides a high-quality crushing sound, giving you more creative possibilities for your music. 

The pedal has a minimal design and three controls on the front(tone, sustain, volume), making it easier to reach the sound you seek and get familiar with the pedal. 

Overall the Electro-Harmonix OP-Amp Big Muff Pi Fuzz Pedal provides a unique sound and an impressive pedal for the price.

Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal

The sound of this pedal is a combination of modern and vintage tones, and it comes with three modes, Fuzz Face, Maestro, and Octave, making it more versatile and great value for the price. 

It comes with three knobs, a level knob, a mode selector, and a fuzz booster knob, allowing you to quickly manipulate the sound to get where you want.

Boss is a known company for its high-quality products, and with this pedal, you get a fuzz pedal that is easy to use and great for its price.

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini Distortion

The Dunlop Jimi Hendrix comes compact means it will only take up a little room on your pedalboard, and its user-friendly interface means even those with little prior experience may get great results.

This is an excellent choice if you want to add some fuzz to your guitar sound in the style of Jimi Hendrix.

The only knobs are for volume and fuzz. It’s straightforward and makes it easy to control, but you compromise with less configuration.

Jim Dunlop Mini Germanium Fuzz Face

The Jim Dunlop is another mini pedal with vintage, authentic and recognizable sound. 

The compact size of this pedal makes it ideal for you with limited pedalboard space who nevertheless want to include a good and high-quality fuzz effect into their playing. The fact that it is small makes it ideal for you if you need to take it outside.

It may be tiny, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a great and solid pick.

Behringer Super Fuzz SF300

Although it is sold at a lower price than the majority of the other items on this list, it does not imply that it is of lower value.

In addition to the level, treble, gain, and bass knobs. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with three different modes FUZZ 1, FUZZ 2, and BOOST.

Despite being composed of plastic, which means you shouldn’t stomp on it, this fuzz pedal is a fantastic starting place for anybody who is on a budget yet still wants a fuzz pedal.


This beautiful fuzz pedal comes with A three-band EQ with a slider and six knobs for fuzz, gate, tone, master, fuzz loudness, and enhancement, allowing for fine-tuning of the sound. The master knob controls the volume as a whole, but the enhanced knob provides a clean boost for improved string clarity and low-end depth.

Three toggle switches let you adjust the fuzz range, bias, and tone settings for more tonal variation.

With this control set of 12 controls, you get an extra versatile sound that let you experiment with the “fuzz.” 

Electro Harmonix Nano Big Muff Pi 

This fuzz pedal creates a sound that is pretty thick and fuzzy.

It simply has three knobs: one for volume, one for tone, and one for sustain. Thus, controlling it is effortless.

It’s a small and scaled-down version of the original Big Muff Pi, but both versions produce a very similar sound. As a result, you can place more effects pedals on your board thanks to its space-saving construction.

The pedal has excellent construction quality and is very long-lasting. Therefore the knobs are from being damaged as quickly as they do on other pedals, And all of this for a very reasonable price point.

Koogo Fuzz Pedal Fuzz Distortion Effect Pedals for Electric Guitar Bass

If you are on a budget and the expensive fuzz pedals cost too much for you. The Koogo fuzz pedal is an excellent alternative with simple controls.

With a three-control setup, you get a standard volume sustain and fuzz parameters that are easy to tweak. Another benefit of this fuzz pedal is that it is relatively small compared to other pedals so it can fit perfectly in your pedalboard.

JHS Muffuletta

The build quality of the JHS Muffuletta is excellent, but it also comes with a higher price tag than other pedals on the list.

It has four knobs of sound tweaking, volume, sustain, and tone.

The last knob is what makes this one interesting, with six fuzz circuits that let you change the sound even more. Consider this one if you want to tweak your sound frequently instead of buying multiple fuzz pedals.

 Although, some people think the sound you get is not enough for the price.

ZVEX Effects Fuzz Factory

Another high-quality fuzz pedal.with beautiful design. 

You get five tweaking knobs, the volume, gate, Compression, drive, and Stability which adjust the tone of your fuzz effect. This gives you a lot of room to play with sound. Its sound is unique and can spice up your tones easily.

CNZ Audio Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal, True Bypass

The last pedal on the list is another affordable and straightforward pedal. For the price, you can get another pedal that does the job. 

It has a volume knob, tone knob, and one big sustain knob sustaining the notes after you play them to make a firm tone.