10 Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars

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Getting your first guitar is unequivocally an event that you will remember throughout your life. This article explores some necessary and crucial factors that you might take note of and use while purchasing a guitar.

Taylor BT2 (Baby Taylor)

(Editor’s choice)

If you’re searching for an economical, high-quality acoustic guitar, the Taylor BT2 for Beginners is a great choice. It boasts a cozy 3/4 dreadnought body, a rich, warm tone, and an amazing look.

This dreadnought is made with layered sapele back and sides, which creates a powerful voice with clear projection. This is perfect for jamming and practicing. A mahogany top gives the Baby Mahogany’s tone more midrange punch, which is sometimes referred to as a “bluesy edge.” 

The playability of this guitar is no joke, considering its price range. Creating a clear sound without any buzz or finger scrapes is astonishingly easier than most other guitars (within their price range, of course). and this is particularly good for fingerstyle guitarists.

Since this is laminated, i.e., made from layers of wood, you can expect it to have amazing durability. Pairing this with its 3/4 size, BT2 is undoubtedly an apt choice for traveling musicians.

I would recommend this guitar to anyone who is looking for a Taylor guitar at an affordable price. Just keep in mind that it’s a 3/4 guitar.

Yamaha FG 800 Acoustic Guitar

(Best Premium)

“A great acoustic guitar doesn’t have to cost a fortune” is what the Yamaha FG series is all about. From the original FG180 to FG 800, Yamaha has put forward guitars with exceptional playability and balanced tone, staying true to that motto.

With a dreadnought body projects sound with near-perfect volume and punch. Mahogany back and sides The scalloped bracing arrangement of the FG800 also aids in sound projection and increases responsiveness.

The rosewood fingerboard and bridge offer a comfortable playing experience, while the Nato back and sides are compact and strong. 

Although the Yamaha FG800 offers a broad, rich tone, some high-end sparkle could be missing. The Yamaha FG800 is a well-built guitar but several other guitars in its price range are more flashy. The Yamaha FG800 might not be your best choice if you want a guitar that is visually stunning.

All in all, Yamaha FG 800 is a beginner and budget-friendly guitar with great tone and comfort; and this instrument is guaranteed to last longer than some other guitars.

Gretsch G9500

(Best for Tone)

Gretsch is well known for producing high-grade guitars with remarkable build quality. The Gretsch G9500 is a parlor-size guitar, a.k.a a 3/ 4 guitar but a bit larger.

As a parlor guitar, it is portable and super convenient for beginners or guitarists with smaller hands. This guitar presents bright and punchy mid and high tones which is necessary for some playing styes.

An Agathis body and a Nato neck are good enough for this guitar. sounding bright and punchy. But the rosewood fretboard is a treat for both your eyes and fingers. The playability of this guitar is undoubtedly far ahead of many guitars within this price range.

A demerit, I would say, is how the bass is not “bassy” enough due to its small size. And depending on your preference and need, It might sound a bit underwhelming in terms of its tonal palette. This might not be an issue for beginners, as this guitar provides phenomenal clarity in its tones which is way more important.

Keeping the drawbacks in mind, I would recommend this guitar as it has superior playability and comfort along with tonal clarity.

Epiphone J45 Studio

Epiphone J45 Studio
(Image credit: Epiphone)

(Best for Fingerpicking)

Epiphone J-45 Studio Acoustic Guitar is another entry-level guitar that wouldn’t pose any threat to your wallet. For starters, with the vintage sunburst design, this is a great-looking acoustic guitar.

Its responsiveness truly draws attention to the subtleties of your playing thanks to a sturdy Sitka spruce top that enables excellent clarity and a detailed tone. Additionally, the substantial body size and mahogany back and sides give it great depth and body.

You’ll benefit from its full-ranging tone and great projection when matched with the premium tonewoods. From the lowest bass notes to the highest overtones, the sound is rich and strong for solo performances and recording.

Some customers have found an issue with the fretwork of this guitar.  The twelfth fret buzz is also attributed to poor fretwork. These issues can be easily resolved by lowering the action of the guitar or filing the fret wires.

Still, the Epiphone J-45 Studio acoustic guitar will undoubtedly provide your music with a strong foundation, whether you’re performing solo or as part of an acoustic group.

Fender Newporter Player Acoustic Guitar

(Best for Comfort)

Fender Newporter Player Acoustic Guitar has an exclusive Newporter body shape, which I, like others,  found easy to play while still looking sleek.

The most crucial component of an acoustic guitar is the soundboard. Few kinds of wood are on par with spruce’s tensile strength, tone, and dynamic range. An exceptional feature of Solid spruce tops is the gradual improvement of their natural tone.

This model has incorporated features inspired by the electric guitar. The mahogany neck is comfortable to play with and has a slim-taper “C”-shaped profile which is inspired by Fender’s electric guitar. This guitar feels like an electric guitar which is amazing. The headstock resembles the classic Fender headstocks.

The clear, rich, and resonant tone of this acoustic instrument is treated appropriately by the Fishman pickup/preamp system and several onboard controls. You will also get a handy built-in tuner, needed especially by a beginner.

Fender Newporter is a great traveler guitar and very easy to play due to the smaller fret size but according to some customers, it lacked the bass which inadvertently makes it sound like a 3/ 4 guitar.

Armed with great looks and sound, Fender Newporter is a solid guitar for the price range that it belongs to. Smaller frets and narrow necks are perfect for beginners and people with smaller hands. 

Fender CD-60S

(Best for fretboard)

Here we have a Dreadnought body-style guitar from Fender, a revered manufacturer of guitars. The CD-60S will give you the characteristic Fender sound, feel, and vibe every time you play it.

The Mahogany neck of this guitar has gently rolled fingerboard edges that produce an extraordinarily pleasant fret-hand feel for both new players and seasoned experts. 

The solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides of the CD-60S combine to provide a pleasant tone. Its dreadnought body design and spruce top with scalloped “X”-bracing produce a well-balanced tone and a lot of volumes.

Along with CD-60S, you will get a gig bag, picks, a strap, a spare pack of strings, and a free 3-month subscription to Fender Play with access to hundreds of online lessons. I must say, this is a lucrative complete package for beginners. There is no reason to not recommend it to guitarists with any skill level.

Ibanez PC15NT Performance Grand

If a lightweight guitar with a great tone is what you are seeking, Ibanez PC15NT is what you need. Ibanez Performance acoustic guitars will lend you professional features at an entry-level price.

As a grand concert guitar, Ibanez PC15NT has a smaller body than a dreadnought or jumbo guitar but excels in emanating brighter and more focused sounds. 

With a spruce top, and mahogany back, sides, and neck with a natural high gloss finish this instrument has exquisite sound, feel, and looks. Mahogany back and sides provide balance and sustainability.

The slim neck and low action make it comfortable to play for beginners and the grand concert shape helps with that as well.

Unfortunately, this guitar might fall behind in terms of durability. So it’s not ideal if you’re searching for something durable.

After all the things considered, this guitar will be a great addition to your collection or as a first guitar if you are willing to treat it with care.

Yamaha APX600

(Best acoustic-electric)

The Yamaha APX600 guitar is a thin-body, acoustic-electric that was crafted with mobility and playability in mind. 

This guitar’s bright, clear tone is suitable for many musical styles. The combination of a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides is the recipe for these notable qualities.

Additionally, the instrument has a cutaway body that makes it simpler to reach the higher frets. And also Yamaha SRT pickup system is competent enough to produce a realistic, enhanced sound Without feedback. 

As opposed to some other acoustic guitars, the APX600 is not as loud. The tiny body of the guitar might leave it vulnerable to feedback in loud settings. Compared to certain other acoustic guitars, the APX600 is not as well suited for fingerstyle playing.

Overall the Yamaha APX600 is a wonderful option for a thin-body acoustic-electric guitar. It has impressive playability, volume, and clarity, and is offered at an affordable price. 

Donner Black Acoustic Guitar

The Donner Black Acoustic Guitar for Beginners is a marvelous choice if a guitar that works well for many different musical genres, is what you’re searching for.

The distinct tonal quality is the result of the combination of a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides. Additionally, the guitar is simple to play because of its cozy dreadnought body shape. And a dreadnought body is well-known for its superior volume and tone projection.

The Donner Black Acoustic Guitar for Beginners is available in different finishes, including natural, black, and vintage white. While it does not come with a hardshell case, it does come with a gig bag.

It has a relatively weak bass end and midrange, so you might need to experiment with the string gauge to bring out its sound. But, I would recommend this guitar to beginners and intermediate players as it does offer many other benefits to them.

Lastly, whenever possible try to take advice from someone who is well aware of how a great guitar should sound. If that is not possible, search on the internet and visit the websites of the manufacturers to get a better understanding of the price and features of your chosen guitars. As you keep getting experience with the guitar, you can find the best guitar within your price range. 

Yamaha C40

(Best classic guitar choice)

(Image credit: Yamaha)

Next for those who are on the fence between acoustic and classical guitars, we have Yamaha C40 which is a full-sized nylon-string classical guitar and is perfect for someone looking for an affordable and high-quality classical guitar.

While the spruce top makes sure the guitar has a bright, clear sound; the mahogany provides the guitar with a warm, rich tone. Both of these high-quality tonewoods are widely used for premium-quality guitars. Yamaha C40 possesses all of these, although it has a relatively lower price.

Like all other classical guitars, the fingerboard has plenty of space, and the neck is slim enough to be comfortable to play. It feels natural and effortless to play chords and melodies due to the low action.

C40 is actually a great getaway guitar for beginning classical guitarists. This guitar is destined to make your learning journey easier. As you sharpen your skills, this guitar might not be enough for you. But for beginners, this guitar is a gem.

Buying Guide

First, start with tonewoods, one of the key factors in determining the timbre of a guitar or any windpipe or stringed instrument. 

Types of Tonewood

Tonewoods are specific wood species with tonal qualities that make them suitable for use in woodwind or acoustic stringed instruments. The kind of wood, the grain pattern, the density, and the moisture content all affect how tonewoods sound.

Some of the most common tonewoods for acoustic guitars are:


Spruce is unquestionably the most popular tonewood. Its bright and clear sound characterizes it.


Rosewood is widely used for the backs and sides of a guitar. It sounds warm and rich.


Mahogany is another popular tonewood for the backs and sides as well as necks and fretboards of a guitar. It is known for its smooth and comfortable feel.


The price range of an acoustic guitar depends mostly on the material used, the brand, and the features that it offers.

Entry-level acoustic guitars

These guitars usually cost from $100 to $500. These guitars are mostly aimed at beginners.

Intermediate acoustic guitars

These guitars are for intermediate guitarists and beginners as well. They are made with better materials so these guitars usually cost from $500 to $1500.

Professional acoustic guitars

Aimed at professional and seasoned guitarists, these guitars are made from premium quality materials and are incorporated with various useful features as well. So, they usually cost over  $1500.

What to Look For

Take notes on the following parameters before purchasing your guitar.


Find a guitar that is comfortable for you to hold and play. Depending on your age, hand size, and preferred playing style, you can choose from dreadnought, concert, and parlor-size body.


Another crucial factor is the sound of a guitar. Try to figure out whether you want a guitar with a bright and punchy sound or a warm and rich sound.


The most underlooked aspect, while buying a guitar, is your comfort as a player. You must be comfortable with your guitar to attain solid control over your techniques.


You have to plan your budget and search for a guitar that doesn’t cost more than you intended to. This will inadvertently narrow your choices down. That is why you must be diligent while researching available guitars.

Now, let’s take a good look at some guitars that we have chosen to help you find your ideal guitar.