Best Drumsticks For Electronic Drums

By Bear

This is my review of the best drumsticks for electronic drums.

The best drumsticks for electronic drums are mostly made from hickory wood and nylon tip.

Drumsticks with wooden tips are also okay, but they are less durable and can sometimes even harm your electronic drums.

I’ve done in-depth research about which drumsticks for electronic drums are best for you.

My conclusion is that it is the Vic Firth American Classic® eStick best pad overall.

Every drumstick pair can have a different shape and build quality. This article tells you which one is the best for every situation. 

Keep reading to find out more!

The 5 Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums

These are the best drumsticks for your electronic drums you can find today:

Vic Firth American Classic® eStick (Best Overall)

This drumstick is the only one made with the purpose of electronic drums, so they feel more natural.

They are made from hickory wood, suitable for durability and responsiveness, and are an excellent shock absorber.

The tip is from nylon for extra durability.

Zildjian Hickory Dip Series Drumsticks – 5B – Nylon Tip – Black (Best Grip)

These drumsticks are made with black bip handles for better grip and shock absorption.

They also come with the benefits of the hickory wood and nylon tip, mainly durability, and responsiveness.

LA SPECIALS 5A Hickory Drumsticks, Oval Nylon Tip, Three Pairs (Best Value)

This drumstick’s choice is the best value for the price. They come in three pairs for a budget price.

Although the great company Promark makes them, their quality isn’t the best, but they are great for the price and indeed good enough for electronic drums.

They are also made from hickory wood and a nylon tip.

Vic Firth American Classic 5AN – Nylon Tip (Best Classic)

This fantastic pair of drumsticks are very popular, and they work nicely with the electronic drums. 

They are high quality so that they will last for a great time.

With this pair, choose the nylon tip model, don’t go with the wooden type ones. 

Vater 5A Nylon Tip Hickory Drum Sticks, Pair(Best From Another Company)

Vater is an excellent company for drumsticks, and these have outstanding durability.

They are well-balanced and have a great price tag. 

They are also made from hickory wood and a nylon tip.

Buying Guide

There are variant kinds of drumsticks, and each made has its purpose. To choose the best drumstick for your electronic drums, you need to check out the following factors:

What is the material kind of drumsticks best for electronic drums?

The material of the drumstick tip is usually nylon or wood. The nylon type is more durable and will protect your electronic drum head better than the wooden type over time. The wooden type will make a different sound, and it’s also okay to use as long as it’s in good condition.

Don’t use the wooden type if it’s already well worn. It could harm your electronic drum heads.

What is a good size drumstick best for electronic drums?

The best-recommended size of drumsticks for your electronic drums is 5A, although the other sizes are okay too, and it depends upon your taste. 

Other okay sizes examples are 5B, 5AS, and 7A.

But you better keep away from the 2B since they can be too heavy for the electronic drums.

Does it matter to buy a specific kind of drumsticks?

The answer depends on your situation. If you use a wooden tip type of drumstick and it’s in bad condition, you want to buy a specific drumstick.

Plus, the price of the drumsticks compared to the electronic drums is very affordable, so it may be an excellent consideration to invest those few bucks to keep your electronic drums in good condition. 

What are the best brands of drumsticks for electronic drums?

The most trusty and known brands for the electronic drums drumsticks are Vater, Zildjian, ProMark, and Vic Firth. Always go with those quality brands.

Can You Use Brushes Instead Of Drumstick For The electronic drums?

Some electronic drums would have a problem recognizing your strokes with the brushes, and they may be too soft. The electronic drum kit should be advanced enough if you want to use the brushes option.

To Sum Up

As the owner of an electronic drum kit, it may be very important to own good drumsticks to keep your electronic drum head away from damage.

The best overall choice for a pair of drumsticks is Vic Firth American Classic® eStick (Best Overall). They were made primarily with the mind of electronic drum users and are a great pick.

Since every drummer has a different hand size, the style he plays, and such. The best thing is to try out more than one drumstick and see which is the best for you.

Maybe you have a drummer friend with a drumstick pair, or perhaps you can afford more than one pair.